Biblioforge – my Etsy store

I have been making a few changes in my work life and have decided to offer manufactured products with my design on my Biblioforge Etsy store. This was always my intention by having a book arts blog and Etsy store with the same name, and now I’ve managed to do it.

The store features my calligraphic designs that are made onto shirts, cups and other wearable items manufactured by a fulfillment house. I am designing and making a number of bookbindings – case bound as well as wooden board, leather bindings. Below is a coffee cup with a watercolor pencil alphabet. I like the loose, sketchy quality of the letters and the washed-edge forms created with water.

Calligraphic Alphabet Mug

Having a fulfillment house make my designs, frees me to offer more things and make even more designs.

My bookbinding has been somewhat on hold, however last year I spent some time making a girdle book for a client. It was a great experience to make something for a client rather than just my own use. IMG_2820

I will be writing about the girdle book structure soon as I’ll be teaching a class for the Hand Bookbinders of California in February.

Next week I’ll have a new shop space so that I can focus more on binding and calligraphic projects. I’ll be giving you a visual dosage of some of the things I’m doing.




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